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New Release AI app


AI agent for API testing.

RIZZ AI: Free and Fun AI Dating Assistant

RIZZ AI is an AI dating assistant built on the RIZE GPT model. Through a large number of high-quality chat and pick-up cases, RIZZ AI has trained chat LLMs who can understand users' psychology and are good at humorous pick-up conversations, becoming the best Tinder tutor.

AI Undetect: Undetectable AI, AI Humanizer, Anti AI Detector

AI Undetect:Best free AI Detection Remover, AI Humanizer that humanize AI text into undetectable AI. And we have integrated all the major AI detectors.

AI Humanize: Free Humanize AI Text & AI Humanizer Online

AI Humanize.IO: Your ultimate AI Humanizer to Humanize AI text perfectly. It converts AI text to 100% human content and bypass AI detector seamlessly. Perfect for GPTZero, Turnitin, Copyleak.

Pieces for Developers - Your Workflow Copilot

Integrate your toolchain, efficiently capture, enrich, and reuse materials. Enhance collaboration with the assistance of an on-device copilot.

Leo: No-code AI phone assistants

Quickly set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls, no coding needed.

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Insanely Cool Tools brings the most interesting and useful tools straight to your inbox. Join 20,000+ subscribers in discovering some insanely cool tool.

AI Tattoo Generator.Free to try without login. | Tattoo Cook

Use our AI Tattoo Generator to create amazing tattoo designs for free. No login required. Start creating your tattoo now!

AI Icon Generator - AI Icon

Easy to use AI icon generator. Free and effortlessly generate icon from text.

Smallppt : Create Stunning AI Presentations & Mind Maps

Smallppt's AI tool revolutionizes the way you create visually captivating presentations&mind maps. Effortlessly design stunning PowerPoint slides with AI

BuilderKit - Ship your AI Startup in days

Highly modular NextJS AI Boilerplate that allows you to ship any AI Apps within days.

skott - Lyzr AI

Meet Skott: Your Autonomous AI Marketer Skott is an AI-powered social media marketer, blogger, and designer in one that effortlessly produces 1000's of blogs

Hubflo - The missing front office of your service firm

Take your service firm to the next level with a stunning client portal & powerful tools to work with clients: files, contracts, messaging, tasks, CRM, billing & more.

WriteGenius | Best AI Writer for Long-form Content

Create long-form content that is original, engaging, and SEO-optimized

DURBUN | Generate SEO-friendly AI Articles in seconds

Create SEO-friendly AI articles in a second! Sign up now and get 5000 credits for free. You can also integrate your WordPress website.

Content AI - Your Personal AI Assistant by Rank Math

Discover AI SEO tools that will take your content game to the next level. Write SEO content or research your competitors using AI, all with the click of a button.

Camp: Boost Your SEO Conversions with AI-Optimized Blog Content

Elevate your digital presence with Camp. Our AI-optimized blog content not only enhances your SEO rankings but also drives conversions by delivering engaging, personalized content tailored to your brand's voice and audience's needs.

Woy AI Directory: List of the Best & Latest AI Tools in 2024

Discover the top AI tools of 2024 with the AI Directory! Explore the best and latest innovations in artificial intelligence technology.

Image Generator Tools

AI Tattoo Generator.Free to try without login. | Tattoo Cook

Use our AI Tattoo Generator to create amazing tattoo designs for free. No login required. Start creating your tattoo now!

AI Signature Generator - Create Free AI Signatures Online

Generate personalized and professional eSignatures with our AI Signature Generator. Draw or type your signature for secure, digital documents. Try it for free!


Jector: AI background generator

Video Generator Tools

Kling AI | Kuaishou AI Video Generator

Kling AI | Kuaishou AI Video Generator

Audio Generator Tools


Fryderyk is a music making web app with a built-in AI assistant, empowering musicians to integrate AI collaboration into their creative process.

Udio | AI Music Generator - Official Website

Discover, create, and share music with the world. Use the latest technology to create AI music in seconds.


Suno is building a future where anyone can make great music.